SQL Server 2012 Certifications track – my way

I was analyzing the new SQL Server 2012 Certifications tracks, and I’ve decided to go through the standard track and not the upgrade track.

Why?!?! …good question..lol

As you can see in the image below, I took to upgrades so far:

  • MCDBA 2000 to MCITP 2005 (highlighted in yellow)
  • MCITP 2005 to MCITP 2008 (highlighted in green)

The last upgrade required only one exam, but the new upgrade requires three exams.

MCITP 2005 to MCITP 2008

  • Standard track = 2 exams  (70-432 and 70-450)
  • Upgrade track = 1 exam  (70-453)
  • 50% saving

 MCITP 2008 to MCSE 2012

  • Standard track = 5 exams  (70-461, 70-462, 70-463, 70-464 and 70-465)
  • Upgrade track = 3 exams  (70-457, 70-458 and 70-459)
  • 40% saving

Upgrade track


  • 40% saving (3 exams instead of 5 exams)


  • Each exam will cover more than one topic, such as: Querying , Administering and Data Warehouse
  • Usually there is no specific Training Kit book for Upgrade track, you need to use the Standard track books and courses
  • Your exam’s experience will not be helpful for a large number of people, because most of them don’t take the upgrade track

Besides the pros & cons above, in my opinion, if the new track has been considered a reinvention.

Let’s start from scratch, studying and getting real experience for each exam…at the end…you will be a really Microsoft Certified Solutions EXPERT…

Take care.

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13 Responses to SQL Server 2012 Certifications track – my way

  1. I agree 100% with the topic. I still need to take the 70 450 certification, but I’m thinking of trying certification 2012 version, instead of trying to test 70 450.

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  3. Alex, There is a better option. Took the BETA Exams. In this case, allways is the standard track. I do that since SQL Server 2005. The pros: early adoption of the new technology and up-to-date knowledge, zero-cost exam (you don’t pay the fee for the exam and if you pass the BETA exam you are already certified). Cons: Full exam, some with 75 questions and 4 hours to take it and/or some typos.

  4. Hi Alex,..
    I was also considering take the Standard track to get my MCSE instead of the Upgrade one, but looking at the “Certification Planner”, I saw you will need as pre-requisites:
    - 1 MCITP 2008 (Admin or Dev)
    - MCSA – SQL 2012
    - Exam 70-459 Transition your MCITP on SQLSERVER 2008 to MCSE: Data Platform…

    So I think I will still keep my decision to get my MCSE using the Upgrade path…
    I´ve started a thread on a SQL Group and I´m now waiting for the replies to evaluate the pros and cons about that…

    Nice Post…
    Keep writing…

    Edvaldo Castro

  5. I´m looking for the best option to get my MCSE Certification and Considering both tracks (Standard and Upgrade)…
    I´ve looked at “Certification Planner” and found that I don´t need to take 3 exams but only one as pre-requisites:
    * MCITP:2008 (DEV or ADM)
    * MCSA:2012
    * Exam: #459

    I agree with you that this exam will not cover everything… so, there´re pros and cons in both tracks… the best pro of Upgrade track is that you will save a good amount of money…
    I started a thread in a SQL Group and waiting for replies to see more opinions about it…

    Nice Post…

    Keep Writing and sharing…

  6. Sri Meda says:


    Any books from Microsoft press tailored for the 2012 certifications?

  7. Alex Rosa says:

    not yet, maybe by August-2012, we’ll have books released

  8. Staffan says:

    70-462 Training Kit from Microsoft Press is avilable at Amazon, I already got one. 70-461 and 70-463 has been delayed and are scheduled for delivery in november. Training Kit for 70-457,458 and 459 will probably take even longer. So I will probably go for the complete track. I’m MCITP 2008 database administrator today.

  9. innoxa says:

    Hi Steffan;
    I am MCITP 2008 (Admin) and I have also gone through upgrades. But in relation to Training Kits I think the best way for you is to be an MCT. I am an MCT and Training manuals can be downloded on Download Center. If you are already an MCT you do not have a problem. My question to those who may have taken the Exams (be it Upgrades or Standard) how many questions?

  10. msuworld says:

    Can you please share the Materials that you used to prepare for the exams , SQL Server 2012 Regular tracks ?

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