70-462 / 71-462 – Beta Exam – Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases – Review

Yesterday, April 12-2012, I took 71-462 – Beta Exam – Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases.

During the Beta Exam phase, I took only one exam and not a couple of exams or all exams.
Why? unfortunatelly, I didn’t have time to take all of them, but I would like to.

Are you curious? yeahhh…lol…here we go.

  • 56 questions in total
  • several questions with multiple choice (this is the nightmare…lol..)
  • drag and drop questions with multiple choice and you need to create the correct sequence with only the correct options (there are wrong options), so if you pick up a wrong option or if you create a wrong sequence…you failed.
  • scenario based questions, very interesting, not impossible, but certainly more difficult than the simple questions.
  • more questions asking for syntax of command in details, yes…details…if you don’t know exactly how to write a command…you are in trouble.
  •  backup, restore, security (db role, server role, permissions, schema, etc), TDE, high availability (cluster, replication, db mirror), import & export data, indexes, etc…etc…etc.
  • take a look in Skills Measured for each exam and you will be prepared:  http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-462#tab2

In my opinion, the new format is more difficult than the old one, but is not so difficult as I was expecting.

I’m not sure if I made it or not, but not because of the difficulty level.

Since 2010, I’m not supporting Development teams as I used to do. This make a huge difference between be aware of a topic and to know exactly how the topic works (specially for syntax details).

So, in few weeks…I’ll face the truth…lol…and I’ll share with you the results.

Following some Microsoft videos talking about exams.

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7 Responses to 70-462 / 71-462 – Beta Exam – Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases – Review

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  2. Emil Glownia says:

    Did you get the results? I got some (and most of us) on prometric but they don’t show on mcp site.

    70-462 is the last of 5 I need to pass…. and probably the hardest for me as I never worked as DBA…not even close….

    Do you have any specific links that you used to study?


    • Alex Rosa says:

      Hi Emil,
      I’m in the same page, the result was not published in MCP site.
      I use to study by training kits and MOC. For this exam I didn’t study.

  3. Emil says:

    Hi I got a pass on three of my beta exams and I took 461 querying (not beta) and passed but failed on 462 (missed 2 to get pass). This is my weak point but I studied hard and I must admit the style of questions of 462 was the hardest of all 5 exams I took! I complaint to Microsoft and it seems they made some changes and will make some in the near future! (I was positively surprised with the email I got from Microsoft)

    I have also started preparing for second shot and created a list I need to cover (and share with other preparing for it). Any tips or comments would be appreciated


    • Alex Rosa says:

      Hi Emil,

      Congrats for the exams you made.

      Always On was the most difficult questions in my opinion, because is a new feature and I was not totally prepared when I took the exam.

      Backup and Restore questions looks like piece of cake, but due to the many questions in sequence it’s easy to get lost.

      So, good luck in your second shot.

  4. msuworld says:

    I couldn’t find any material to prepare for then new exams, can you guys please provide some

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